“Before working with Amanda I was struggling with self-criticism and self-sabotage. Amanda made me feel safe and supported, and challenged me where I needed to be challenged. I don’t trust people easily and each session comes as a surprise to me when I open up the way I have. The coaching I did with Amanda helped me face some truths that I was happy ignoring, but that were not making me happy. She also helped me hone in on what it is I really want, and need, right now. I now feel really positive around what I can achieve, and more importantly what I deserve. I’ll be forever grateful for the tools and help Amanda has given me to make things happen in my life that I just didn’t know how to do on my own.”


“As a mum and a leader it is rare for me to take the time and space to think about myself – it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day.  Amanda made me feel like we were in it together and provided me with a non-judgemental space to focus on what I wanted to bring to the world as a mother and a leader. I now feel like I’m moving towards where I want to be, and who I want to be. It has been both grounding and inspiring working with Amanda.”  


“My biggest challenge was believing I was worthy of a leadership role. I’ve always considered myself a mum first and foremost and have forged a career to the best of my ability while raising two boys. Amanda took me on a journey through how I view myself, how I treat myself, how I treat others, and how I see my way forward.  She was very easy to warm to, and gently prompted many ‘lightbulb moments’ all of which have opened my mind and heart to mental, emotional and physical changes that have had a profound impact on the leader AND mother I want to be. I highly recommend working with Amanda.'”