What my clients say…

“I had been running on autopilot, juggling many roles, operating reactively, and feeling like I wasn’t in control of some important areas of my life.  Amanda helped me sift through my thoughts and get clarity about the areas I wanted to address and the ways to do so. She asked excellent questions and was so encouraging. It was amazing how much I gained in an hour! I had some powerful insights into the reasons behind my actions, and this enabled me to develop more helpful mindsets.  Coaching with Amanda has given me the ability to be the decision-maker in my life again.  It’s not that I have more time, it’s that I have more intentionality about how I spend my time in more fulfilling ways. I’m enjoying my life more as a result of the work we did together. I would recommend Amanda as a coach to any woman who is finding herself under water.”


“I have been on a journey for the last 2-3 years figuring out my space, my strength and who I want to be as a leader.  The coaching sessions with Amanda honestly felt like the icing on the cake, guiding me through the last few steps that I was struggling to move through myself. She really put me at ease. She was warm, open, calm, and had a good sense of humour. She used lots of check-ins, gave me space to think, and adapted the pace to what I needed so I could come up with the answers that would work for me. She helped me get clarity around my values and purpose, clearer on my priorities, and acknowledge and celebrate my strengths and leadership style. This all meant I’ve been able to make some BIG life changing decisions and feel really clear and confident about starting this next chapter in my life. I feel more at peace AND excited about what I can bring to the world!”


“Before working with Amanda I was struggling with self-criticism and self-sabotage. Amanda made me feel safe and supported, and challenged me where I needed to be challenged. I don’t trust people easily and each session comes as a surprise to me when I open up the way I have. The coaching I did with Amanda helped me face some truths that I was happy ignoring, but that were not making me happy. She also helped me hone in on what it is I really want, and need, right now. I now feel really positive around what I can achieve, and more importantly what I deserve. I’ll be forever grateful for the tools and help Amanda has given me to make things happen in my life that I just didn’t know how to do on my own.”


“As a mum and a leader it is rare for me to take the time and space to think about myself – it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day.  Amanda made me feel like we were in it together and provided me with a non-judgemental space to focus on what I wanted to bring to the world as a mother and a leader. I now feel like I’m moving towards where I want to be, and who I want to be. It has been both grounding and inspiring working with Amanda.”  


“My biggest challenge was believing I was worthy of a leadership role. I’ve always considered myself a mum first and foremost and have forged a career to the best of my ability while raising two boys. Amanda took me on a journey through how I view myself, how I treat myself, how I treat others, and how I see my way forward.  She was very easy to warm to, and gently prompted many ‘lightbulb moments’ all of which have opened my mind and heart to mental, emotional and physical changes that have had a profound impact on the leader AND mother I want to be. I highly recommend working with Amanda.'”


I came into the coaching with a vague idea of where I wanted to head, but no idea where to start. Through clever and thoughtful questioning, Amanda guided me through a deep exploration of my values to understand myself and the beliefs that were holding me back. But, most importantly, what it looks like when I’m aligned to how I want to show up in the world. I found power in the seemingly simple revelation that my interpretation of values may not be the same as the next person, and that running with my version is far easier and more authentic. I found Amanda’s ability to hold space, allowing for whatever arose, created a state of ease in moving forward. Each session felt individualised, where she would adapt to the current situation and her inquisitive and clear communication style had me looking deeper to uncover plenty of “a, ha!” moments. As a result, I feel I now have a clarity of direction I didn’t have before. I am able to navigate through life with greater presence and connection with others, reframe outmoded thinking patterns and have simple tools to assist in stress and overwhelm in daily life. I need to add in here that it’s also been a lot of fun!