My book, The Humane Workplace

Humane-Workplace-cover ebookA guide for creating a transformed and people- orientated workplace.

The humane Workplace is about people, community and technology. It’s about making the workplace more human.

Technology is changing the way we work and learn. In this environment, it’s easy to think that social technologies are removing human to human interactions. Yet it’s the behaviours that underpin the use of these technologies that really counts. Social technologies open up greater opportunities for communication, collaboration and community. It can transform our workplaces. But only if we put people first, if we make our workplaces more humane.

Those of us within the people and culture professions, human resources, learning and development, and recruitment, have an opportunity to truly shine. But to do this we need to re-evaluate what we traditionally think of as our roles, to change our approach, to step up and be brave.

The Humane Workplace is a guide for a transformed and people- orientated world of work. It’s the collective wisdom of over three hundred NZLEAD community participants from all around the world. These are people who have people at the heart and soul of their professions – people who are passionate about creating a better world of work. Their conversations and actions have been captured in over one hundred NZLEAD tweet chats and woven into this book.

Get your copy on kindle or contact me for a hard copy ($24.95 + $5pp within NZ, international shipping available).