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According to industry reports, we have a lack of women represented at senior leadership levels.

(Diversity Works, Champions for Change)

This diversity and inclusion gap has implications for your businesses’ ability to: 

  • Make good decisions
  • Understand your customers
  • Be innovative and adaptable to change 

(see Forbes and Harvard Business Review). 

Did you know that one of the reasons that women ‘leak’ out of the leadership pipeline is due to the additional challenges they face when they become mothers?

However, if you’re a business who views the diversity and inclusion of women as important, it can be a struggle to recruit and retain mothers.

You face additional challenges: 

  • Accommodating flexibility for mothers while balancing business needs 
  • Remaining open to any career pauses, or steps back in responsibility, while also investing in the development of your people
  • Being mindful of the additional challenges that mother’s face while supporting the diverse needs of all your employees
  • Potentially navigating different ways of working that feel uncertain and uncomfortable
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Investing in mothers through coaching means that you’re supporting the progression of women into leadership positions.

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

Some of the results you might expect from this include:

  • Greater connection to your customers through the breadth of experiences represented by your leaders
  • Better decision making that comes from diversity of thought within leadership
  • Increased strength in recruiting and retaining talented women, which means less turnover and recruitment costs 
  • Happier, healthier, and more productive employees 

Providing coaching to mothers can be a great complement to diversity and inclusion strategies that support the progression of women into leadership positions. 

  • You start with supporting mothers effectively navigating family and work commitments, and ultimately, their well-being 
  • You acknowledge the emotions and thinking patterns that contribute to greater performance
  • You give mothers the tools and encouragement to grow, learn and progress their careers
  • You increase the confidence and agency of mothers to contribute their diverse capabilities and thinking to your team and business 
Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Your investment is in your long-term competitiveness, and the innovation and adaptability that comes from greater diversity and inclusion within leadership.