My experience returning to work after maternity leave

Hi. I’m Amanda. I’m mumma to 2-year old Joshua (we call him Joshie), wife to Gareth and cat mumma to Poppy. We live in Papakura, New Zealand. It’s almost as far South in Auckland as you can get and still call it Auckland. We’re surrounded by native bush, kereru (wood pigeons) and tuis.  I’m writingContinue reading “My experience returning to work after maternity leave”

Gardening space

Gardening is one of a few things where I completely lose track of time. There’s something about being outside, pottering from one task to another, getting my hands dirty, and the satisfaction of weeding, pruning, planting. There is also something so continual, impermanent and exciting about gardening. I can weed one area but, without furtherContinue reading “Gardening space”

The write way

How do you write in an academic context, while challenging the academic constraints, as well as connecting beyond the walls of academia with an audience that can incite change?   Much of what I’m researching for my PhD is emotive and political. It makes me angry, sad, frustrated as I traverse between the polar oppositeContinue reading “The write way”