Invitation to Participate

My name is Amanda Sterling, I am a Doctoral student in the Department of Management and International Business, at the University of Auckland. I am conducting research exploring the embodiment of mothers within leadership. According to industry metrics  (e.g. the Champions for Change Diversity Report 2019, and New Zealand Workplace Diversity Survey 2019) women areContinue reading “Invitation to Participate”

Dear mums, how do you want to make a meaningful contribution to this world?

Dear mums, How do you want to make a meaningful contribution in this world?  One of the most important jobs we have is raising our babies into happy, healthy and successful adults. But the truth is that we’re not always recognised, or valued, for our contributions in this. It often feels like the gravity motherhood,Continue reading “Dear mums, how do you want to make a meaningful contribution to this world?”

Why study motherhood and leadership?

Women are still significantly underrepresented in senior leadership roles in New Zealand. A recent Champions for Change diversity report showed women making up approximately one-third of leaders from the executive level upwards, and according to Diversity Works representation at these levels is going backwards. This is problematic. Somewhere along the lines, opportunities for women toContinue reading “Why study motherhood and leadership?”

The disembodiment of leadership

I asked on a LinkedIn post recently ‘How would you describe leadership?’ The words I got in response included; enabling, inspiring, self-awareness, humility, authenticity, transparency, resilience, supporting, helping, recognising, empowering, facilitating, influencing, understanding, and nurturing (Sterling, 2019). These words imply a human-centered interest in one’s followers. But as I traverse the world of practitioner discourseContinue reading “The disembodiment of leadership”