About me

Hi, I’m Amanda.

untitled-29I am an Organisational Development professional with over a decade of experience helping companies implement learning programmes that deliver operational results. My work has focused on how environmental conditions, the evolution of technology, and the corresponding changing work systems influence the way we learn, and the way we perform, in our work. I specialise in leadership development and the design of performance and reward practices because, I believe, that it’s when people are motivated and given the opportunity to perform that skills, and business outcomes, are realised.

In 2019 I embarked on a journey to do my PhD on motherhood, leadership and learning – three things that are personally, and professionally, really important to me.

This blog is about my learnings and reflections on this journey as I make sense of the research and unpick the complex entanglements surrounding my topic.  In sharing here I also hope to translate the academic research for practitioners, challenge thinking around the inclusivity of organisations, and inspire reflection and action in the leadership and learning space.

You can read the starting point for my research here.

When I’m not reading and writing, I’m hanging out with my little dude Joshua, my big dude Gareth, or pottering in the garden.

You can also find me on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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