About me

Me and Joshua

Hi, I’m Amanda

I’m a leadership coach, mum, writer, researcher, gardener, innovator for change in the workplace, and lover of good dark chocolate. It depends on the day and time as to which of these gets priority!

I know what it’s like to grapple with the expectations of motherhood, and to navigate the overwhelm that comes from trying to live meaningful life, and have a fulfilling career.

When I returned to work after my son was a year old, I struggled with things considered ‘normal’ parts of work and being a working parent that didn’t feel right. Amongst this, I still aspired to be a leader, but was unsure what this meant, or even who I was anymore!

In working with a coach myself, we tuned my focus towards what was really important to me and my family. My experience became my inspiration for doing my PhD on Motherhood and Leadership, and uncovering opportunities for empowering mothers as leaders.  

I’m also drawing on my 15+ years of corporate experience within HR, Learning and Development and Organisational Development. After spending so many years coaching managers and leaders towards high performance, I want to now offer the same sort of coaching that I found so powerful on my own journey to other mothers navigating this world of work, life and leadership. 

I am trained in neuroscience based coaching and am on a pathway to ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation.

I, my husband Gareth, son Joshua and cat Poppy, all live in Papakura, New Zealand. It’s almost as far South in Auckland as you can get and still call it Auckland. We’re surrounded by native bush, kereru (wood pigeons) and tuis.