Filling your bucket

I’ve been working on some exercises for my coaching tool box and thought this one might be a useful one to share for anyone who might be feeling overwhelmed, afraid, tired or just in need of a boost right now.

It’s based around this analogy of a bucket. In that we all have this invisible bucket of enthusiasm, joy and energy.

We are at our best when our buckets are overflowing – we feel better, we are able to recover from difficulties easier and we are able to give more to others. We are at our worst when our buckets are empty. You can’t give to others from an empty bucket either.

Our buckets can get drained by other people, what is going on around us, and how we respond to these things. Examples could include; worrying, negative feedback, feeling overwhelmed, or lack of sleep. 

But our buckets can be filled by activities that bring us joy, a sense of calm, or give us energy. Examples could include; exercise; time in nature, reading a book, or eating a nice meal. 

Different people will have different things that drain or fill their buckets.

The idea is that you identify the things that fill your bucket, and prioritise doing more of those things. Even if it’s one small thing in a limited slither of time.

In focusing on filling your bucket, you’re better able to respond mindfully to those things that have the potential to drain you and giving yourself more energy and enthusiasm overall.

This simple exercise has been designed to identify and action those things that fill your bucket. Grab some note pad and paper:

  • How full if your bucket today? Give yourself a score out of 10. with 10 being really full and 0 being empty. This is your starting point for filling up your bucket.
  • What are the things that are draining your bucket? Make a list. Acknowledging them can lessen their hold on you, but also provide a start point for moving forward.
  • What are things that you know add to your bucket? ie. activities that you know bring you joy, a sense of calm, or give you energy. Make a list.
  • How could you start doing more of those bucket filling activities? Even if it’s starting with one very small thing. Do that thing consistently for a week and then score your bucket again.

2 thoughts on “Filling your bucket

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I hope you and your family are keeping well.

    I just came across an interesting article that I think, just made my day 🙂 I thought I should absolutely share it with you:

    I’ve been wondering how your thesis has been going?

    You must have access right now to the most interesting case study around the world.

    Anyhow bye for now as homeschooling is calling me back 😉

    Kia Kaha, stay safe.

    Claire x

    1. Hi Claire. That is an interesting article. Thank you for sharing. My PhD is on hold for the time being due to the practical realities of what is going on in the world on top of caring for a toddler. I hope you and your family are well.

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