Memories from UnfurlingHR

I’ve started on the organising and planning for the next #NZLEAD unconference. I came across what I wrote to introduce the day and welcome people to the event and I wanted to re-share it with you. I put my heart and soul into organising this day and I have some pretty awesome memories from it. It’s more than just a one-day event to me. There is a bigger picture to why I do this stuff. You can also read my recap of the day here, which includes links to what everyone else wrote. 

I’m really honoured to welcome you to the first and not the last NZLEAD unconference.

The world is changing and as people practitioners we need to be at the forefront of this change. But we need to do it consciously. Which is why I’m asking you to put your phones and gadgets down for a couple of minutes.

We are bombarded with so much information, so many contacts, so many ways of doing things, ways that are constantly changing that, to actually make a difference, we also need to find the peace and the path amongst the chaos. To connect with ourselves, with each other, and with what we’re trying to achieve.

To do that, you need to make a choice. That choice, and your actions, are conscious. Not based on blind faith to old ways or caught up in the flood of new ways but an acceptance of what is happening around you and a conscious step forward.  A choice to put aside busyness and reasons not to. By being here, you’ve taken a step in that direction.

This unconference seemed like a natural extension of what we’re doing with NZLEAD. The NZLEAD community has grown from a mutual desire to connect, communicate and collaborate into a force for change within the people and culture professionals around the world. It has done more than I ever expected it would and that is because of you, and others like you. So thank you.

Because this means a lot to me. Because I want my children to grow up in a world where people are treated with kindness, appreciated for their strengths and supported to grow, in their own way, and give back to the world.

Right now, I don’t see it. I see bullying and power struggles by people. I see turf defending, arrogance, close-mindedness, defensiveness. And I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be treated like a freak for thinking differently, saying things differently and being different. Something that I’m still dealing with the psychological and physical manifestations of. I am making a conscious decision that this is not for me.

This event is one small step to realise an ideal. Our world needs to be better, our world of work needs to be better, and we, as people and culture professionals need to be better.

And we can. A change in conversation, a change in language. Removing boxes, packaging and labels. Changing the scenery, removing the frills, getting down to simple honest conversations and planning. Small things, each of us small ferns. Unfurling a way of being and doing that helps the people within our organisations really excel.

We can do this together. Social technology now allows us to connect, communicate and collaborate on a scale that we’ve not seen before. And, in little ol New Zealand, we are not alone. Not anymore.

So all I ask of you today is to be here, be who you are, bring whatever you can with you. You, as you are now, are enough to make the world a better place. You will get out as much as what you put in, but whatever you put in is ok.

And please share your learnings from today through social technology, so that our colleagues around the world can come on this journey with us. Do it consciously and with purpose.

The date for the next event is the 11th May. Tickets etc. will be available soon but if you’d like to be involved in making it happen then tweet me or comment here. 

2 thoughts on “Memories from UnfurlingHR

  1. joeystepho

    Love this Amanda! I can only imagine that the next NZLead unconf is going to be brilliant. I’m looking forward to jumping in via SoMe and have put the date in my diary 🙂


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