Words can change the world

“Words and ideas can change the world.” Robin Williams

It’s something I need to believe. That NZLEAD has an impact, no matter how big or small the conversation. That the words we say create ripples of change. We don’t know where these ripples will end up but together they make a difference.

I met some really wonderful ladies yesterday. All of us building our own contributions to the world. All of us believing that the little things we do add up. That what we do makes a difference in this world.

Because it’s those little things that we hold on to to keep the enthusiasm, positivity, hopes and dreams alive. Those little things that others might dismiss as nothing and others might package up as their own.

Only we know the little things we do. Only we create our perception of the world.

But through our words, you might see it too. Then we can change the world.

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