2015 intentions

Ever since I was in my early 20s I would write down my goals for the year and stick them somewhere I could see them. You might call them New Years resolutions, but I was quite serious about writing SMART goals and achieving them. I usually knocked off more than three quarters of my goals and at the end of the year would take some time to assess what went well, what didn’t and what I’d to differently next year. This year I haven’t really written any goals. For the last couple of years my tried and true method hasn’t worked for me so I’m trying something different. There are some specific things I’d like to achieve but for the most part I am setting intentions. These are my intentions.

The first thing I intend on doing is finishing off writing my book. I’ve taken ideas from two years of NZLEAD tweets, mashed them up with my own background and experience, and produced a narrative about the world of work. I’m thinking of calling it People First: How Technology Can Make Our Workplaces More Human, or something along those lines. It’s on track to be finished and self-published at the beginning of March.

The book sets the scene from what I plan to do this year. In 2014 I mostly focused on social technology and what it could do for HR, Recruitment and Learning and Development. What I found was that many people wanted training in how to use the social technology and, although this will remain part of what I do, in 2015 I will be putting more focus on the behaviours that underpin the authenticity and transparency that social technology enables. What fits with this, and floats my boat, is leadership development, coaching, learning communities, innovation and creating cultures where people can truly shine. So I’ll be adjusting my sails and, without too much prescription, seeing what blows my way.

To help me with this I’ll be putting a lot of work into growing my skills in methods that support people to think differently: appreciative enquiry, positive psychology and creative facilitation. So I can help businesses and individuals, as well as bring to life some cool stuff I have in the works for NZLEAD. For a start another unconference. I intend on threading a lot of positively, light, forward thinking and growth into everything that I do. Which means I need to thread this through my life too.

The last couple of years have been challenging but have given me many opportunities for learning, reflection and growth. I look to 2015 with a lot of optimism. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into practices that help me be stronger, more grounded and kinder to myself. I intend on making these practices a priority in 2015 not just because they make me feel awesome but everything else just seems to fall into place when I do.

2015 is already off to a fantastic start for me. I have an almost finished book; I’m so totally honoured that I got invited to attend KiwiFoo this year which is an invite only unconference for people doing interesting things; I’m putting a draft vision for NZLEAD together which I’d love your feedback on, but I’m already pretty excited about it; and, something that has been a bane of frustration for quite a few years might actually be coming to fruition this week! Watch this space 😉

2015 is going to be badass.

7 thoughts on “2015 intentions

  1. TashHR

    This is awesome! This year I am looking at ‘Life Changes’ rather than New Years Resolutions and it is an interesting difference. I love your outlook and it is so inspiring to read. Reading your progress, thoughts and ideas is pushing me to be more intune with where I want to go but also with who I want to be! Can’t wait to hear more about what you’re up to!

  2. perrytimms

    This is what intent is all about – well said Amanda. Feeling the ebullience here, I can tell how much you’re gunning for success in 2015.

    It reflects how we do things these days. I tried doing a Business Plan for PTHR last year and I never completed the actual plan. The process of thinking “what am I after this year?” really helped me and I feel 2014 was a real success for me and more so, the practice community I set up.

    I wish I could jump onto NZLEAD a little more but normally I’m travelling somewhere unlike before when I was either in an office or at home not having to travel so much. Being in demand is great for us freelance warriors but it has consequences. Still, all I see is a thriving community still. Congratulations on continued successes here.

    Nicely put and I cannot wait for the book. I have been busy curating others’ contributions into books so watch some new titles from my end too and have half-completed a “learning and digital” one which my co-writer has gone quiet on so might jump back in and finish the thing myself.

    This year I’m going to be doing 2 main things: Doing. Enough talk already I want to do and I want to see and hear about what others are doing, not thinking. Thought Leadership is so 2014 as Doing Leadership is 2015’s signature. The other thing is continuing to connect. We’ve enough prophets and superstars on their own record labels. I want to be someone connecting brilliant people to other brilliant people and influencing authorities and organisations through stronger, connected forces for change.

    You’re a great connector and I look forward to helping you in 2015 and maybe even seeing you in the Autumn for Meaning 2015? If not, how about we talk about you running a Kiwi version of Meaning?

    Big love and respect as ever

    1. amandasterling Post author

      Thank you as always for your fabulous words Perry! Yeah I did a business plan last year too but it was all the things that were not on the plan at all that completely shone! And I completely understand why you can’t be at the tweet chat. But we’re more than a tweet chat and you’re still a huge part of that! You’ll probably see quite a bit of Perry influence in the book too, I hope you do 🙂

      Work permitting I will be at Meaning 2015. I’ll be doing my best doing to make that happen 🙂

  3. belinda gannaway

    Hi Amanda, I really enjoyed this post. So much overlap between what you and I do – and you’ve articulated your focus really beautifully and clearly. You’ve inspired me to create my own blog (finally) and to simplify my own proposition. And, of course, to focus on my own inner work. Right. Five minutes meditation a day – can’t be that hard surely?

    1. amandasterling Post author

      Oh wow! I’m so stocked that I inspired you to create your own blog! Do post a link! I also stalked you on LinkedIn and there are certainly a lot of crossovers. Work permitting, I’d love to get to the Meaning conference again this year (I attended in 2013 but missed last year) and would love to pick your brains! The meditation thing takes habit and discipline I think. I use an app called Headspace and it’s simply brilliant.

  4. dougshaw

    Good stuff! Seems we have a few things in common, no surprise really. Among other things I am enjoying the elasticity between setting firm goals and having what you describe as intentions. In the past I’ve tended to be very flexible and prone to drift, so I’m enjoying keeping that fluidity in mind whilst also trying to plot a little more clarity around the things which I love, and that I am good at and can get better at too. In case you and your readers are interested, here is a link to a little exercise I recently carried out which is helping me a lot.


    Catch up soon – Doug


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