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Some months ago Angela Atkins excitingly told me about this great idea she had. It involved turning all the NZLEAD tweet chats into a book. It was another job for me to do, on top of my overwhelmed little brain. At the time I probably looked at her like she was a nut job.

I mulled, for months, and, the more I thought about, it the more it made sense. I didn’t have much else planned for November, writing is something that I particularly enjoy doing and, it seemed like a really good way to explain to people what I believe is the future of the people and culture professions.

Because at the moment, a lot of people just look at me like I’ve just told them my dog pooped on their lawn (I only wish I had a dog).

So, to cut a long story short, I will be taking part in NanoWrimo (National Novel Writers Month). NanoWrimo is about a whole bunch of people from around the world spending the whole month of November writing a book.

The goal is to reach 50,000 words. Taking off weekends, because my head will need a break, and pre-existing commitments, this leaves me with 18 days of writing. That means I have to write an average of 2,800 words a day. Not much ay?!!!

Logistically, I’ll spend all of November writing, writing, writing and then a few more months editing and polishing my garble into something understandable by everyone other than me. Without counting my chickens, I’d like to get it done by Feb next year. In time for the 2-year anniversary of NZLEAD.

Thankfully, I’m not stuck for what to write about. The NZLEAD tweet chats provide a lot of inspiration and content. It’s cool ay! A book summarising the world of work through the eyes of the 300-odd people who have regularly taken part in NZLEAD tweet chats over the last couple of years. If you were there, you’ll probably get a mention somewhere along the way!

I may not be able to provide regular updates but would like to share with you the draft chapter outline I’ve put together based on all of the tweet chat topics:


Part one – the changing world

  • A global economy
  • A holistic approach to people Leadership
  • Technology as a connector
  • Demographics

Part two – the changing people and culture professions

Human resources

  • A question of it’s relevance
  • Roles within HR Reflecting on HR processes
  • Simplifying the profession
  • We don’t know what we don’t know – what’s next?

Learning and development

  • Learning and development, not as we know it 
  • There are other ways, some ideas


  • Re-designing recruitment 

Sound like enough? It’s going to be a fun, full-on month! But I hate putting things like this out there because the expectation makes me less likely to stick to it! So you might not hear anything from me over the next month as I quietly work away… but, then again, you might hear from me. Just know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth entirely!

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