HR Game Changing

It’s a bit of a struggle to describe the mind-blowing awesomeness of the HR Game Changer conference. But, in explaining it to my grandparents, this is what I came up with.

I am absolutely shattered after spending the last 2 days connecting, communicating ideas and being inspired by HR professionals from all around the world.

We started in New Zealand with pronouncements of “HR just die”. We then passed the baton to London who delved deeper into what makes a great workplace. New Zealand then picked up the stream of thought again in day two, a strong theme of future people practices.

We were constantly connected. While I was listening to people speak I was sharing learnings with people all around the world, participating in conversations and having my thinking challenged.

This conference was not just in the rooms at Sky City, Auckland, New Zealand, it was global. We were everywhere and right there.  Geography and time zones meant nothing. We were able to comment, ask questions and converse digitally and in real life. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+. The power of social technology. Social connection on steroids.

My IRL (in real life) conversations were with people who I had met online, been inspired and challenged by, and rewarded by our interactions. I converted more people to online communication  and watched their eyes light up as they saw the potential compliment to face-to-face interactions. When they realised that the conversation, relationship opportunities and learning were much much bigger than they realised. As they hatched into digital citizens and part of a movement.

It was intense. I had to disappear for some time out to coalesce my thoughts. I’m still not all there yet. They’re whizzing around my head.

I am proud to be part of this movement. We are global and we are growing. We no longer operate in isolation. And that is powerful.

With that in mind, I’d like to put an idea out there. What if we did this again but handed the baton to more countries?

New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, USA … Just a start, but there could be more. One day each, while one of us sleeps the other changes the world. We’d need information architects to capture and coalesce the streams.

We all have thriving digital HR communities. Are we ready to take this concept and go truly global?

There is another blog stewing in my head that is more reflective of the content but, for now, I need some downtime.

6 thoughts on “HR Game Changing

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  2. angelaatkins

    This is how I want to continue to feel about HR – inspired, focused, connected and doing something amazing that hasn’t been done before! Great summary and will look forward to hearing and discussing where we go with this next.

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