Just because it’s standard practice, should it be accepted?

I can’t do something I don’t believe in.

Not because numerous people have done it before.

Not because the lawyers have sanctioned it.

Not because it’s ‘industry practice’.

Not because it’s such a small thing it might be seemingly insignificant to most.

Not because not doing it makes me look like a weirdo twat.

Not because not doing it makes it difficult for people.

Not because doing it helps advance my business and brand.

I can’t do something that I don’t believe in.

I believe that the HR profession is more than just a bureaucracy that mitigates and manages risk for an organisation.

I believe that HR plays a pivotal role in engaging the heads, hearts and hands of employees.

I believe that HR can be a key influencer in the organisation, to make our businesses better, to make the world better.

I believe we need to look at every practice in our profession, no matter how big, or how small and ask “how does this add value to our customer?”

How does it add value to the relationship? The delivery? The success?

If it doesn’t?

If it addresses every fathomable human risk without adding value to the humans involved?

Should it be accepted?

3 thoughts on “Just because it’s standard practice, should it be accepted?

  1. Shani

    I completely agree. I share the view that over the past decade or so, HR has become a means of managing the liability that is employees, which strips away the massive power of engaging with/dealing with people and the effect that has on making businesses and communities better for the people that inhabit them.
    Can we start the revolution now, please?…

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