Disrupt HR?

Perhaps I’m naive. Perhaps I’m an optimist. Perhaps I’ve been lucky.

I’ve worked for an organization that focused on people as it’s core strength. I’ve worked for a manufacturing company where our HR team took pride in delivering value to the business bottom line and had the results to back this up. My last role, another manufacturer, had grown a culture where HR worked in partnership with the senior leadership team and were seen as, and treated like, a core part of the business.

Every business that I have worked in since the start of my career has had HR representation at the ‘table’. Those that have been impactful, have been where the CEO values people hand-in-hand with delivering business results.

I’ve also worked with HRINZ (Human Resources Institute of NZ) committees for a number of years and, more recently NZLEAD, and met a number of HR Directors, Managers and Advisors who, for the most part, have been people who really care about being the best HR team they can be and take active steps in this direction.

Are we overblowing a perception of HR that doesn’t exist to the extent we think it does?

HR are pencil pushers, bureaucrats, processes, robots, don’t care about the people, don’t deliver to the business bottom line and don’t have a seat at the table. Yes, I’ve met a few of them. Not a lot though. Maybe those people don’t like hanging around people like me.

When I do meet them, their frustrating conversations do tend to make a proportionately larger impact.  But, they seem to only exist in businesses where this kind of inert behavior is the norm across the organization.

Disrupt HR? Is it not Disruptive Business?

Is HR wallowing so much in navel gazing that we’re missing the point that it’s not about us any more? Are we trying to change just so we can feel important? Are we missing the great stuff that is already happening?

Are our conversations about the nature of HR so stagnated that the disrupters themselves need disrupting? Do we know what that looks like?

6 thoughts on “Disrupt HR?

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