What you post is permanent

So my little sister posts inappropriate pictures on Facebook. I tell her that she should remove them because it’s not going to do her any favors in the future. She gets uppity at me for telling her what to do, declares that it’s funny and that it’s there now anyway so who cares.

Isn’t it nice having little sisters?

The problem is this. I know that recruiters and HR people are now looking at the social media profiles of their candidates and employees. On top of this, there is a rather large demographic not thinking about the longer term consequences of their social posts.

At the education un conference I attended last week I was involved in a debate about this. My view was that young people need to be educated and up skilled in what social content they are contributing. Notwithstanding this argument, the counter to this was that adolescents don’t have the physical brain maturity to think past their immediate emotions. Therefore posting content without thinking about the longer term consequences.

I don’t know how we go about addressing this. I see it becoming a much greater challenge as time goes on and we become more reliant on social content to form impressions of people. There is a shift in schools towards teaching kids how to handle themselves in a digital world. But they’re still quite young. What about those who are slightly older and missed that education?

My sister did remove the picture – smart cookie. But I don’t think the message got through. How can it?

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