Social media workshops for HR

This is the second in a series of posts to help me articulate what the #NZLEAD business will be undertaking in 2014. It’s all part of helping me get over my writers block when putting together my business plan. It’s so much easier to blog!

I blogged a few days ago about the community side of it and creating a truly collaborative community.  This really is a cornerstone of what we will be doing. In particular, looking at ways to enhance the community. One of those ways is helping HR people get to grips with social media and that’s the exciting thing I wanted to talk about this week.

But firstly, I want to address why I’m focusing on this. It’s become a bit of a cliche for HR people to talk about their reluctance to social media: it’s a fad; they don’t understand it; it has no relevance; etc. However, there are really great examples now of businesses doing great things using these tools and the right approach. For example, ASB and Vend in New Zealand and NHS and Innocent Drinks in the UK. They are using social tools to connect with employees internally and potential employees externally. The proof is in the pudding.

The time is now to get on board!

However, it is not just about getting yourself on Facebook, twitter, whatever. It’s about understanding why you want to use social media, understanding your culture and leadership and then picking the most appropriate tools and content to achieve what you want to achieve. Did I just add a whole new level of complexity to freak out the already nervous HR person?

Fear not!

That is what our learning workshops are designed to address. We will walk you through the tools so you become comfortable, confident and competent. But we will also help you with your thinking about how they best fit the needs of YOUR organisation.

The workshops we will be delivering are:

The first two workshops have been developed with Perry Timms in the UK and you may notice them on the CIPD training schedule at some point soon as well. So you cannot say that little old NZ misses out on cool stuff at this end of the world!

I’m excited, are you excited?!

The first date is locked and loaded for Taranaki on the 5th of March 2014 co-hostessed with Shona Glentworth from Implement+ Associates (registrations open soon!). The Auckland dates will be advertised in the next few weeks (and we have the coolest venue for it – watch this space!!) and I’m scoping out the venue for Wellington – any suggestions? The price is reasonable at $450+GST pp for a whole day of awesomeness!!!! But if you want to express an interest before I put up the calendar I’m happy to give you 20% off (that means, just email me at saying you’re keen 🙂

So are you ready to be the HR of tomorrow?

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