A truly social and collaborative community

I picked up so many useful ideas and information while I was in London and now that I am back I’m trying to knuckle down and finish the NZLEAD business plan. Quite frankly, I don’t know where to start. Add to that a bit of jet lag and trying to catch up on sleep!

One thing is certain though, there are some pretty cool ideas for next year. The next step is turning those ideas into plans with strategies, budgets etc etc.

I’ve started with some key headers for the NZLEAD business and the NZLEAD community. The former is the bit that makes money through using our social skills to help others, the second is where we do more great stuff with the NZ and international community, evolving it into a truly social and collaborative one. There is some overlap between the two obviously, but let me break down the top line of what NZLEAD 2014 looks like. I’ll do this in a series of blogs over the next few weeks starting with the community.

The community. I had a mind-blowing moment at the Meaning Conference. You can actually watch some of the videos from it here. You know when you hear several stories and on their own they don’t click and then suddenly everything falls into place? Well I had one of those moments. Coincidentally enough at the end of the days proceedings we were asked to turn to the person next to them and tell the story of what we had learnt.

There must have been something in the stars because I happened to be sitting next to Kev Wyke who happens to be really great at the purpose and coaching stuff and knows NZLEAD! What I said went a bit like this (I may have said it a bit more garbled at the time):

“I want to give the NZLEAD community ownership of NZLEAD, of pulling it apart, putting it back together and making it their own”.

And then Kev asked a raft of questions about how I was going to make that happen and how I was going to relinquish control. Isn’t that a pertinent leadership question? How do you relinquish control over something you have such a vested interest and pride in?

And isn’t that serendipity that I just so happened to be sitting next to the right person, to ask the right questions, to understand and support?

So, this is going to happen. Not sure how yet. I have some thoughts that I’m still stewing over. But if you’re involved in the NZLEAD community I would really appreciate if you could post here.

What do you want out of the community? Content? Platforms? Interactions? What would YOU like to do? What could this look like? How can we bring all this together? What do we want to create in 2014? I’m open to doing this over a drink as well…. let me know.

…. the other thought I had was testing out some of the hacking HR tools (will cover that in another post) I’m developing . So if you’re interested in building NZLEAD and learning about some emergent HR thinking let me know.

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