Dear London

Dear London

Although our time together has been short and I have not got to know you as well as I would have liked, I feel a very deep affection for the time we spent together.

I have enjoyed your energy, the throngs of people who flock to you, the tubes (yup, I loved the tubes!), your architecture, little historical pubs, history and attitude. The list could go on!

Thank you for sharing your friends with me. They are the ones who really made this experience. In particular, Perry Timms, my wonderfully exuberant tour manager. Not to mention all the fabulous people who greeted me with such enthusiasm and warmth, made me feel at home and to think of things in a different light.

I don’t think you knew where I was before I met you. I spent 11 months in a relationship (work one) that wasn’t good for me, leaving me with little confidence. You made me feel like I wasn’t an outcast; I had something worthwhile to offer. You helped me get back my faith that I can do something to change the world.

So, although I leave you very tired, it’s more the tired that comes from a whole night on the town, with friends, having so much fun you don’t know where the time went. And that’s exactly it. I don’t know where the time went.

Until we meet again London. It will be soon, because I’m going to miss you. I’ll bring Gareth too. I think you and he will get along really great – he loves beer!



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