Adventure in the wilderness

This past Sunday I went tramping with my husband in the Waitakere ranges. It never ceases to amaze me the fantastic tracks and scenery we have right on our door step. We completed a loop track out near Whatipu. If you’re not familiar with the area, this is a peninsula at the edge of Auckland’s western harbor. It offers fantastic views of the other side (the Manukau heads) and of the wild west coast beaches.

This particular loop took us up a valley, back and forth across a river a few times, before looping back down the coast and along the ridge line. The ridge line track is part of the Hillary trail which is a collection of tracks which connect together to form a 77km tramp. I’ve been on some of the Hillary tracks and they are stunning and challenging, this one equally so.

But it’s one of the things that excites and scares me about tramping. You get a vague description on the map of what the track is like. But you never really know until you get out there how many river crossings there are going to be, or how wide and slippery they are. You don’t know that you’re going to have to take your shoes off and tentatively cross the river,  giggling over how cold it is. You could slip over and get really wet but miraculously it never happens (yet!). You don’t know that ‘caution required’ means that you’re going to be crawling up a ridge with a plummet (it’s really high!) to the ocean below literally a metre from you – there is nothing but you stopping you going down there.  You have an idea that you’re going to end up sliding on your bum a few times because it’s so steep but it is different every time (I did some backwards crab walking this time).

Just some of the stunning views.

Just some of the stunning views.

But, despite all this, you get to the top of that ridge and look at how far you’ve come, feel the exhilaration from how beautiful it is and laugh at the bruises, scrapes and gorse prickles that have attached themselves to you. It’s all worth it.

Starting a business is just as exciting, exhilarating and fear inducing. Metaphorically speaking, I could fall off a cliff, but I can stop myself. I could get my feet wet and fall over, but I can laugh about it, wring my socks out and keep going. I could look at that huge ridge I need to climb and wonder why I’m doing this or how I’m going to get up there, it’s so high!

But I can breath and take it one footstep at a time and eventually I’ll get there. … and won’t the view be beautiful!

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