Kia ora Guv’nor


Getting my gadgets together for travel.

Getting my gadgets together for travel.

Last week I posted about my steps towards growing social media in New Zealand. Well this week I have another exciting thing to talk about. On the 27th October I will be heading off to London to learn about all things social media with the great Perry Timms.

Perry has sent me a manifesto of the things we will be covering and UK trotting we will be doing including: the CIPD conference on the 6th and 7th of November; a social media event in Northern Ireland; and, a whole lot of other bits and bobs in between.

I have to admit that I had major FOMO when Tash told me that she was off to the UK, and it’s awesome that I now get to go to. However, I do have a mission in mind. I want to know everything I can about how social media is being used in the UK to enhance connections between people; I want to meet all the awesome people that I’ve connected with in twitter; I’d like to experience on a bigger scale some of the OD things that get swung around in London town; and, I’d like to advance the strategy I have for NZLEAD.

I am excited about this, it’s going to be a fantatic expereince. However, I do have a disclaimer and a request. I’m probably going to miss home and I’m an introvert. It’s going to be a fine balance between keeping busy so I don’t have time to miss home, as well as have quiet time to absorb and recoup. Please look out for me while I’m on tour. Or, as Perry eloquently put, it (with the original Scottish spelling of my surname) the #Stirup

I look forward to meeting all my new UK friends IRL!

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