Coaching women to be
the leaders the world needs

Amanda Sterling
Women's Leadership Coach

The world needs more women who can lead with their own unique style

Leading in a way that compromises your values is exhausting. I coach women to be the leaders the world needs (not the leaders they think they “should” be).

Lead in a way that's true to your values

Discover your strengths
and leadership style

Explore a leadership style that's genuinely you instead of just a replication of what you see around you. Get support and clarity on how you think you want to lead.

Advance your career on your terms

Discover your purpose and direction as a leader. Be supported to advance your career and be paid well without sacrificing your values.

Be the leader the world needs you to be

Connect to yourself and what’s important to you. Put people and the planet at the heart of what you do to leave a legacy for future generations.

Amanda made me feel safe and supported, and challenged me where I needed to be challenged. I don’t trust people easily and each session comes as a surprise to me when I opened up the way I did.

Fly as a leader using the power of your own unique leadership style

As a woman, you may experience a disconnect between your personal values and the values required in your workplace, leaving you feeling burned out and undervalued.

By aligning your work and home values, recognising your leadership strengths, and imagining the life you want to live, you’re empowered to step into your power as a female leader.

Let’s work together so you can make the best decisions for yourself, your family, and your career and doing something that makes a difference.

Hi, I'm Amanda

As women, we can feel exhausted by a mismatch between our values at home and the expectations of workplaces that were not designed with women in mind.

As a coach, researcher, activist and author, I give you time and space to explore your leadership style and share tools and resources to bring your leadership to life in a role that’s most aligned to you.

So that you can advance your career, and make a difference without sacrificing your values, family life or health.

And be the leader the world needs.

Maybe you’ve tried counselling, general leadership courses, or have taken a ‘what kind of leader am I’ personality test. But you’ve been left feeling like you still have to conform to a particular mould of leadership.

That’s not who you need to be as an inspiring female leader.

You want to lead in a way that doesn’t compromise your values.

I can tell you from experience the best way to explore your own leadership style, and get support putting it into action, is to work with a coach who specialises in guiding female leaders and leaders-to-be.

As a mum and a leader it is rare for me to take the time and space to think about myself – it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Amanda made me feel like we were in it together and provided me with a non-judgemental space to focus on what I wanted to bring to the world as a mother and a leader. I now feel like I’m moving towards where I want to be, and who I want to be. It has been both grounding and inspiring working with Amanda.

Featured in:

She Owns It Support Community for NZ Women in Business

Neuroleadership Institute

HRINZ Innovation Award Winner 2016

University of Auckland Centre for Leadership and Governance

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