What if you could fly?

Imagine you are hiking up a mountain. It’s something you’ve felt called to do. But you’re tired. There was a lot you had to remember to pack and it feels heavy.

There are obstacles in your way. Some of them are easy enough to skip over. But some trip you up. While others leave you lost and wandering as you try to find a way around them.

You hope you’re going in the right direction, but you aren’t sure. You go up and down, and wonder if choosing a flatter path would have been easier.

You question why it’s so hard when others have come this way before you and didn’t seem to have as much trouble.

You want to get to the top of this mountain because you know it will be beautiful up there. But it’s hard.

What if you could go up and over instead?

What if you could get to the top and soar anywhere?

What if you could fly?

Hi, I’m Amanda

I’m a leadership coach with over 15+ years of experience coaching managers and leaders towards high performance. I’m also a mum with a cheeky little boy.

I specialise in coaching mothers to soar as leaders.

Becoming a mother is often a time when our leadership hopes and dreams can get derailed. We experience conflict between work and family; encounter subtle, and not so subtle, forms of discrimination; our confidence can take a blow; and self-doubt and comparison can creep in.

But as mothers and leaders we have beautiful and unique strengths to offer the world. We could change the world into somewhere wonderful our children can grow up. We could embody the lightness, freedom and grace we want to see in the world.

We could fly

What I offer

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

For Mothers

Coaching to help you soar as a leader.

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

For Businesses

Supporting women to soar as leaders.

“Amanda gently prompted many ‘lightbulb moments’. All of which have helped open my mind and heart to realise positive changes mentally, emotionally, and even physically.”

Kim dawson, sentient software