Coaching mothers to soar as leaders

I believe that every mother has the potential to be a leader.

But we’re often faced with additional challenges. The pressures and expectations of being a mother, and what we imagine as leadership, don’t necessarily gel together or with what is important to us in our lives.

As a result, self-doubt and comparison creep in. We can lack direction and purpose. We can feel powerless.

But we have beautiful, unique and diverse strengths to offer the world. We could show up as ourselves with self-belief within our workplaces, our communities, and for the children we are raising.

I’d like to help you realise this potential as a leader – to soar.

Hi, I’m Amanda

I’m a leadership coach with over 15+ years of experience coaching managers and leaders towards high performance. I’m also a mum with a cheeky little boy.

I specialise in coaching mothers who are in leadership roles or who have aspirations to be…

… and it’s up to you how you define leadership.

Read what others say about working with me…

“My biggest challenge was believing I was worthy of a leadership role. I’ve always considered myself a mum first and foremost and have forged a career to the best of my ability while raising two boys. Amanda took me on a journey through how I view myself, how I treat myself, how I treat others, and how I see my way forward.  She was very easy to warm to, and gently prompted many ‘lightbulb moments’ all of which have opened my mind and heart to mental, emotional and physical changes that have had a profound impact on the leader AND mother I want to be. I highly recommend working with Amanda”.


What I offer

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For Mothers

Coaching to support you as a leader.

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For Businesses

Supporting the women who work for you.

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